Leaving France, a dream for a lot of French!

Leave France for a trip, or to emigrate without return

This is a possible approach and can be envisaged by all the French. Francejetequitte.com is a "vlog" on expatriation and travel. A video magazine to explain to you how to succeed your project with the solutions brought by other Internet users but also my experience. Leaving France is now widely acclaimed by young people, seniors but also by singles and divorcees.  Finding a future has become morose in France. With all the French who have made the choice of expatriation, to change life no one regrets the choice of uprooting and they are happy.

To change life, there are difficulties, tricks to know, hence the existence of this vlog to leave France. Francejequitte.com is a solution of information by mis others unpretentious but made with passion. For a trip in backpack or for life, do not hesitate to share your experiences of expatriat or successful travels but also failures. Yes, your failures are as interesting as your successes as they have enabled you to succeed. Never give up even if you want to start over and over again, until you see the finish line.

Your dream is not far away, wanting to change countries is a real challenge. Once you've started, you're not going to stop to leave France. You always learn from your mistakes and those of others. Help others, and share it's your thing? So feel free to let us know and talk about the adventures you have experienced. What if it's for travel? So watch the videos produced during my travels. I hope they make you dream.  Contact me For all information.

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